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Kitroom Direct Only Use Official Player Sized Printing

There are different types of printing that goes on the back of football shirts. For example, all premiership teams use a felt-like material called SensCilia Lextra which is manufactured by Sporting ID who are official print suppliers to the Premier League. This material offers manufacturers the ability to create logos or other embellishments for garments that are both detailed and extremely durable. One of the variants available within Lextra production is Lextra 3D. In the soccer world, this technology is generally used for sleeve badges and logos. For example, the Premier League champions badge is a Lextra 3D product. When you look at it up close you can see a recessed portion which contains a second material, usually a satin, that makes the badge pop. SensCilia Lextra is made of millions of fibers standing on end, which are held together by a layer of adhesive. Once the logo is heat pressed onto the shirt, you peel off the plastic film backer and the fibers are adhered to the jersey. This additionally makes Senscilia Lextra very flexible, much more than embroidery or iron on patches. 

The English Premier League has been using SensCilia Lextra as it’s official on-field printing solution for many years now. The license holder and manufacturer is Sporting ID in the UK. All 20 teams in the Premier League use Lextra printing for official matches, and some also use a variation of these numbers in international matches. Lextra printing tends to be more expensive, and time consuming to apply. At Kitroom Direct, we only use authentic, player size* Lextra names, numbers and badges(Hero Shirts), so you are always getting exactly what the players wear on the field.

Sporting ID also offers a second type of product which is what many would call “plastic” or “vinyl”.  These transfers usually come on a clear film backer, are applied in seconds, and ready to wear immediately. Once applied it feels almost like a screen print, and is barely noticeable when wearing the jersey. These numbers are produced using the same process that goes into producing tagless size labels that are common on most soccer jerseys and t-shirts these days. Because of their ease of use and quick printing time, many official club shops and official club online web stores use this type of printing instead. This product, while not authentic on-field printing, is still officially licensed by the Premier League. The plastic printing is commonly referred to as an official replica product.

The third type of number you can expect to see in a store, is the fake. Fakes come in many styles, colors, and smells! There are many ways to tell if your shirt has been printed with fake numbers. The most common fakes are ones that use two layers to print a two-color number. When you run your finger across the logo at the bottom of the digit, or along the border, you can feel the two materials that are on top of each other. Others also have a rubbery feel to them when you run your finger across. Quality plastic transfers, like the official replica Premier League product, are one layer and are smooth to the touch.

That’s just a small intro to the different variations of Premier League printing. Keep an eye on this page for more information regarding this printing process.

* player size is a term referring to the size of the letters, digits and badges. Official replica printing generally is a bit smaller, while Lextra letters and numbers are only manufactured in player size versions for adult football jerseys.

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